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Driving Schools
Ambulance Services


Ferran Port Services 16/10/2001 “Our average fuel consumption fell by 10.1% when PD5 was tested on two 240hp Volvo-Penta TAMD 122A diesel marine engines over 136 hours of running time”


P& O European Ferries (Irish Sea), Larne “There was an average reduction of 86% in smoke emissions and a more complete combustion of fuel (estimated at between 15-20%). The reduction in smoke is extremely consistent in every vehicle tested with an average value of 86% recorded. This means 86% less environmental pollution, 86% less unburnt fuel and hence a dramatic improvement in fuel consumption and 86% less smoke for the employees of P&O to breathe, hence an improved working environment.”

Stena Line “Tested on a minibus, smoke emissions fell by 48.5% and there appeared to be an increase in power”.

Robert Wiseman Dairies “A reduction in smoke emissions of 39.1% has been realised with a virtually new vehicle…..the use of PD5 will not only help the environment, it will lead to a real-life saving in the cost of fuel (and) a reduction in maintenance costs”


Edenbridge Racing (BTCC Production Car competitors in BMW 320i)
Tonbridge Tel: 01732 367272
Peter Briggs (former mechanic to Jochen Rindt and Graham Hill): ”Used on a Mercedes 220 CDI diesel, PD5 gave me a 10% fuel saving on the 2nd tank”

Triple Eight Race Engineering Ltd (the team who run the multiple championship winning Vauxhall Motorsports squad)
Phone: +44 1295 768880
John Morton (chief designer): “When PD5 was used in my Vauxhall Astra Coupe 2.2L there was an immediate change in engine note and a fuel saving of 15% on the first dosed tank full”

John Cooper Works- Tony Franks
Tel: 01903 784784
“When tried in a Mini Cooper ‘S’ works car the engine was more responsive, with a better pickup from lower revs. Fuel economy was also improved”

Kamala Cars(Norfolk) –
Tel: 01953 605911
Mark Keen: ”Using PD5 in my 4.3 litre Chevy Blazer I have achieved a 12% improvement in fuel economy. Also it is more responsive in the lower gears and is running smoother”.

Peugeot UK Employee Rally Team-
Tel: 02476 886293
Pat & Scott Stevens (petrol Peugeot 206): “goes much better, more torque on gears. In 3rd gear it was extremely responsive. Changes were noticeable as soon as PD5 was applied”.

Peugeot Ryton Employee Rally Team – Frank McAlister – R2 ERT Co- driver, Solid & Liquid Fuel Consumption Specialist.
Tel: 02476 886293
“When PD5 was tried in a Peugeot 307 Diesel, we found an increase in power, especially in 1st and 2nd gears. Fuel economy was improved by 18% in urban driving conditions.”

Advent Motorsport Sevenoaks
Tel: 01732 887474
Robert Simms: “Made my 2-litre Mondeo a lot smoother and less strained at high and low revs”.

Mick Gardner Racing- Newark,
Tel: 01636 822344
Russ Walton: “Tried it on 2 vehicles: an Astra 1.7 turbo diesel and a 1.0 litre Corsa; At 70 mph less throttle is needed and I always get a smoother ride. It also allows me to get an extra 100 miles out of a tank of fuel.”

RVJ Racing Services- Woking
Tel: 01483 747574 - Mr Parker: “Using PD5 in my Lotus Elite I now get 27mpg as opposed to 25mpg before”.

Fisher Sports Cars- Marden, Kent
Tel: 01622 832977
Mark Fisher: “ When PD5 was used in a 2L Zetec engine Fury with a performance fuel injector system there was a marked difference. The Fury was even more responsive than before. “An increase in power was also noticeable in the 1700 Ford crossflow engined Fury”

Madgwick Cars West Sussex
Tel: 01243 261000
Dave Carruthers: “Putting PD5 in my BMW 540 resulted in a nicer, smoother ride. In a grand prix 1300 midget the engine was crisper and lap-times improved at an outdoor track”

Tollbar Racing, Matlock, Derbyshire
Tel: 01629 735176
John: “The Suzuki swift 1300 GTI feels smoother and pulls very well between 3000 and 6000rpm. The power also kicks in a lot quicker.”

JB Land Rovers, Devon
Tel: 01404 46622
Alistair Dean: “My 2 litre Ford Sierra now gets 35 mpg as opposed to 27 mpg before adding PD5”

RS JigTec Ltd-
West Midlands
Tel: 01384 636636
Bob Turnock: “When put in a Ford 2-litre Zetec engine; PD5 eliminated all traces of exhaust smoke. It was much, much more responsive at the bottom end, and performance was equalised”

Hand Crafted Cars Ltd, Surrey
Tel: 07092 274436
Ron Spearink:” My Mazda 323 now starts first time since adding PD5. It is also much more responsive and quicker in traffic”

AM Sports Cars Ltd-
Tel:01527 510 483
Malcolm Davey:” My 2-litre Astra-based sports car (220bhp) is clearly quicker accelerating from a dead start”

DB Racing- (motorcycles) Essex
Tel: 01255 863112
Mark Singleton: “When tried in a Supermoto bike it made it go a lot faster and cleaned the engine out. It was also much keener to start and pulled longer wheelies!"

Racing Walker Barnsley
Tel: 01226 723156
Neil Walker : “Used in a BMW 328, power kicks in earlier and rapid acceleration is a lot smoother”.

Lamberti Classic Cars- Bedfordshire
Joe Lamberti: “Definitely more power and “kick” from a Rover 800 2.7 Litre engine”

Grinnall Specialist Cars-
Tel: 01299 822862
Matt Freeman: Scorpion BMW K-series: “Normally pinks in low revs but this has ceased since using PD5”

Dragon Motor Sports Ltd-
Tel: 01367 242306
Doug Bebb:
“When PD5 was tried in a Citroen Saxo, it made it run smoother and quieter, and there was a marked improvement in fuel economy.”

Sebring International-
Tel: 01354 638678
Paul Curtis:
“When tried in a Sierra Turbo PD5 had the effect of making the car more responsive at the bottom end and smoother. It picks up a lot cleaner down at lower end, and crisper throttle response all through the range”.

Luego Sports Cars Ltd-
Tel: 01733 552911
Grant Lockhead: “When tried in a Luego Viento there was a power increase of up to 10% and it pulled better in higher gears. There was an improvement in fuel economy of 15%.

Beauford Cars Ltd(Stoke)-
Tel: 01782 520086
David Young:
“When tried in a Chevy V8 the mid range power was less harsh and the engine was more responsive. Fuel economy was also improved.”

Magnum Engineering-
Tel: 01926 642122
Mike Broad:
“When PD5 was put in a 5 litre Ford American V8 Cobra replica, it made it run cleaner, and run better sooner from a cold start”

Topcats Racing -
Tel: 01296 655109
Warren Gilbert:
“PD5 had the effect of making a Caterham 7 run smoother and crisper”

Dunford Classic & Sports Cars (East Sussex) -
Tel: 01797 224555
Simon Dunford:
“It was tried in a classic Cougar, and the result was that it made more responsive and run cleaner and smoother. Fuel economy was also improved.”

Webster Race Engineering (Northants)
Tel: 01933 315236
John Webster:
“when PD5 was put into a Chevrolet GMC Cyclone Turbo Pick-up, the effect was less turbo lag, and boost on part throttle came quicker. Fuel economy was also improved.”

Team Parker racing (Leicester)
Tel: 01455 822686
Stuart Parker.
“The result of using PD5 in a Caterham 7 on a long run was a fuel saving of between 12% and 16%.”

Metisse Sports Cars Ltd (South Wales)-
Tel: 01656 862437
“PD5 had the effect of making a 2.8L V6 Ford centre run cleaner, and improved the cars fuel economy.”

R.W. Racing Services (Brackley, Northants)
Tel: 01280 840799
Richard Walbyoff.
“PD5 was put into a Renault Diesel 2.8 Turbo Van, and there was resultant improvement in fuel economy, which dropped back to previous readings when it cease to be applied”


Pro-Drive – (Nottingham) Robin Felstead, “Better top end performance and more responsive at lower speeds”

JAG School of motoring John Godber, “ The Hyundai Getz was more responsive and achieved better fuel economy”

James Costello – Nottingham, “in a Vauxhall Corsa I achieved a fuel saving of 10-12%”
Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services

Britannia Ambulance Services (St Albans)-
Tel: 01923 894212
DJ Ovenden:
“Using PD5 I noticed an increase in power and acceleration in my Skoda Octavia 1.6L”

Wings Ambulance Service (Bristol)-
Tel:0117 972 0999
Dawn Davey:
“The amount of smoke coming out of my vehicle was reduced and I appeared to use less fuel whilst using PD5”

Independent Ambulance Services Ltd (Cardiff)
Tel: 02920 796 244
Mike Robinson:
“ PD5 appeared to remove the splutter from my Kia and gave me a smoother ride”

Pre Med Ambulance Services (Berks)
Tel:01344 751699
Dave Edwards:
“PD5 significantly reduced smoke emissions from my Ford Iveco and gave better top-end

Norvic Paramedic Services (Norwich)
Tel:01603 864 960
Mike Murrant:
“There seemed to be more engine power and greater smoothness when using PD5”

Central Ambulance Transport Service Ltd (Middlesex)
Tel:0208 733 8268
“When PD5 was added to our LDV Ambulance there was a noticeable difference in its responsiveness and its acceleration as well as a substantial decrease in smoke emissions”

Bus/Minibus Firms

Alantis Travel (Leicester)-Alan Phillips
Tel: 0116 278 1860
“Using PD5 there was a marked improvement in fuel economy and acceleration was also improved”

Les Walker Mini Coach Services (Nottingham)
Tel: 01773 606457
“Power and acceleration were significantly improved when using PD5 in my Ford Iveco 3LTurbo”

A&B Car & Van Hire (Ripley Derbyshire)
Tel: 01773 742431
Darren Fell:
“Using PD5 I noticed an improvement in acceleration in my Ford Transit 2.5L”

Performance Tuning/Turbo Specialists

BTN Turbo (BTN House Uxbridge)-
Tel: 01895 466666
Mr Dean: “The power and performance in my Smart 600CC was increased substantially when using PD5”

Burton Performance Centre (Ilford, Essex)-
Tel: 020 8554 2281
Barry Rayner:
“Using PD5 gave me smoother acceleration in my Mark2 Escort 2L”

A.R Turbo Engineering ( W.Yorkshire)
Tel: 01924 477747
Mr Terry:
“ Using PD5 my Peugeot 2L felt cleaner and more responsive”


Abba Cars (Bucks)
Tel:01494 550000
“ PD5 gave my Ford Transit 2.5L better pick-up and improved its fuel economy”